12 Aug 2005

still looking around...

Anything in the name of democracy and politics - The All Naga Students’ Association of Manipur, which has been holding the state to ransom since midnight on June 19 - do i read that correctly, 19 June ?
Blocking a highway which serves as a lifeline for a whole state, for almost two months ? Did this make the news headlines ? It takes the powers-that-be two months to wake up to any action? Does anyone care ? And we sing and dance glorifying our democracy! It's time for “Kalkito make an appearance ?

Supply Chain Management – The Time of India continues it’s glorious tradition of being party to deception and fraud. “Study In Russia. MBBS, MD, MS, MDS No Donation and Entrance Exam…” screams the header of the display advertisement from Smegavision Educational Consultancy.
Ah, just add a “S” to a well-worn “megavision” and you made an advertising coup ! Smegavision sounds - oh so Russiki (a-la Smolensk)! Trust Mrs. Meghana Kulkarni, she could definitely look at launching an advertising thoughtshop as an alternative business opportunity !
Sounds sort of familiar ? To refresh my memory, she is the famous “Former Reg. Manager, A.J. Trust”.
The “Rusi-Hindi bhai-bhai” style advertisements beckon the hapless to throng Russian medical universities, with dreams of minting millions on returning home.
Interestingly, the same TOI, Pune ran a feature on 05 July 2005, on the virtues of Chinese and Russian medical schools “…Teachers, websites and even brochures - are all managed by these agents. “There are no ads in the papers for these faculty. Most of them are people who haven’t been able to clear the MCI screening test after an MBBS from Russia”, said an educational ”, said an educational consultant….”. Note the anonymous comment to the blog !
Both our Good Samaritans - Smegavision and our dear Colonel Madan advertise in the TOI classifieds, unrestrained.

The suave General is presented a new cracker on his birthday !

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