8 Sep 2006

Here n There...

MBBS in China advertisements appear no more. 
Kudos to the scrupulous Management at the Times Of India !
However, typing “MBBS in China” in a Google search continues to throw-up a long list of websites of unscrupulous agencies happily duping unsuspecting Indian students.

Remember seeing that hulk of a Amby or Matador minivan stripped and abandoned, rusting by the dusty roadside ? As we rush headlong into a “use and throw” (read “use and litter”) lifestyle, do i really care about recycling and disposing my waste in a manner that is environmentally sound ? The EU has norms even for disposing scrapped cars. In our dreaming-to-be-superpower desh, that is nothing short of a mirage !

The continuing saga of paradise lost

The festive traveling season is just round the corner. If you are visiting Thailand, please refrain from eating shark-fin soup. Shark “finning” is a controversial and wasteful fishery practice, driven by an ever-increasing population of the affluent, which conservationists are beginning to highlight

City rat, country rat - data suggests that Leptospira prefers the excitement of the big city

Interesting reading - Bonfire of the brands