31 Jan 2006

mass extinctions around us

Conservationists are mistaken” argues Professor Tim Halliday… “many animals and plants cannot be saved from extinction, and the job of conservation scientists is to document them as they disappear

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under developed...

All in the glorious tradition of the “under developed” (or dare i say, “never to develop” ?). Desi politicians take heart !

Bumper hash haul in Spain.

Intricacies of Chinese global politiking, courtesy TPM Café

Gasoline price rises, but gas-guzzlers do not wane. But there is hope on the horizon (?) - the water-powered (hydrogen-cell) car !

18 Jan 2006


Drowning in work and gasping for ideas, but could not resist this bloomer off a Coke can :

Diet Coca Cola
Carbonated Water
Contains Artificial Sweeteners And For Calorie Conscious
Ingredients : Carbonated Water...

5 Jan 2006

New Year Pearls

Wrapper pearls for the New Year

  • From SugerRite (low calorie sugar substitute) - Best Before Within 2yrs. From Dt.Of Mfg.

  • Napolitian chocolate - Chocolate Produced in Singapore, Packed in Malaysia for CJ Van Houten & Zoon AG Zurich, Switzerland

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