31 Aug 2005

hard talk

Back from another short hiatus…

An extremely interesting episode of HardTalk on BBC TV on 23rd August, Stephen Sackur speaking with Qazi Hussain Ahmad of the Jamat-e-Islami party of Pakistan. Often at a loss of words when pushed into a corner during the discussion, the Qazi nevertheless held his position on the right to self-determination of all righteous and freedom-loving people around the world. He spoke of supporting all peaceful opposition to the occupational forces in occupied Kashmir, while also professing that his party supported all means of defeating the occupational forces in occupied Kashmir !

Whether it is the beloved General or any of his spokesmen, i cannot but admire their eloquence, aggression and their media-savviness. Isn’t it time for all our government office-holders (their eminences the IASs et al) to undergo mandatory grooming on facing the media ? Or would that pave the path for just another scam ?

Another interesting interview on HardTalk the following day, Mr Sackur spoke with the fiery Asma Jehangir, lawyer and human rights activist from Pakistan

The fascinating story of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bio-Acoustics team’s search for the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker which was recently rediscovered in the woods of Arkansas.

Now reading - No god but God by Reza Aslan

btw, i seem to be drawing the ire of the good Colonel Madan and his ilk...

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harini calamur said...

The art of defending the indefensible. whether it is bush talking about Iraq, the BJP talking about Gujarat, the Congress talking about morality in public life or the General and his Goons talking about self determination - is a laugh.
if the Qazi Hussain Ahmad wants to see self determination maybe he should start with the Pushtoon people, who have been ruthless repressed since 1947. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan - frontier gandhi - bemoaned the creation of Pakistan because it would repress the proud Pushtoons who have always been independent.
ironical isn't it.
i think everytime they say Kashmir, we should simply say Pushtoon :)