16 Feb 2006


Feral Animals in Australia - Was reading on the adverse ecological impact of alien Carp (Cyprinus carpio) on Australian water bodies, where it competes with and often overwhelms, populations of native fish species

i had read the fiery tales of pets (and domesticated animals) lovingly introduced to the wild by Australian settlers - rabbits, foxes and camels, which have subsequently run riot ecologically. The list also includes species like the cane toad which were introduced to Australia for pest control but have themselves turned into rampaging pests. But the list the “loving” impact on Australian ecology is far more impressive.

The list of feral animals itself is, to say the least, remarkable : Wild Rabbit, Red Fox, Camel, Cat, Goat, Horse, Donkey, Pig and Water Buffalo ! Here’s more on invasive species in Australia. More tinkering on the way

Also. the only known habitat of one of India's rarest birds, the Jerdon’s Courser, may yet be saved from destruction in a last-minute effort to re-route an irrigation canal in Andhra Pradesh

14 Feb 2006


Following bossman (?) - Bush shoots his mouth, Cheney shoots his buddy ! (site requires registration)

Also, gasping for life

9 Feb 2006

virgin flying...

Steve Fossett has taken off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in an attempt to make the longest non-stop flight in his Virgin GlobalFlyer plane.

The GlobalFlyer homepage here

4 Feb 2006

Some Mind Games

Review of Aparna Sen’s 15 Park Avenue at Amardeep Singh’s. Has an interesting sign-off line

Adding to my wasp stories, here’s a fascinating new one from Carl Zimmer (of the Parasite Rex fame)

3 Feb 2006


- Drug swap urged to save Indian vultures
- Nations meet to save the Asian elephant
- Reading from the YaleGlobal Online - Blaming globalization for workforce anxiety in the US and Europe is misguided