26 Apr 2005

Summer Rain

History pillaged in strife-torn Iraq. More from Iraq, sectarian violence looms large...

The travails of poverty in a journey named life

Swami Ranganathananda (97), the head of the Ramakrishna Mission, died today. Born in Kerala, Ranganathananda joined the Ramakrishna Mission, the international spiritual and cultural movement in 1926 at Mysore.

Weekend watch - Tears of the Sun, In the Line of Fire (re-runs) and not The Matrix Revolutions (Disc #1 got stuck, no go).

A summer thunderstorm on Sunday evening brought the earthy smell of rain on parched soil, made outdoors cool and pleasant on a full-moon night. Went out with a friend for dinner : chicken bolognaise with fussili and garlic toast, fresh lime with soda and syrup.

Little hunters - Amazonian ants lay traps to capture prey

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YardBoy said...

I'm waiting for Sachin to start his Bombay Blog. Title suggestions?