23 Apr 2005

Despairing on Earth Day

Interesting dinosaur fact-files (increase text size in the browser for better viewing)

Bizarre news snippet - German cannibal to face retrial. Prosecution argues that Armin Meiwes, who was jailed in January 2004, should have been given a life sentence for murder. Defense lawyers however want the sentence reduced on the grounds that his victim had real Hannibal Lecters

Some visuals for the Earth we live in - On Earth Day. The theme for 2005 - "Protect Our Children and Our Future.".
Read on, The Death of Environmentalism - Global warming politics in a post-environmental world

Beyond the hype and emotional impulses, do many of us really care? i despair

We ought to, have to, we owe it to the future generations of all life, there’s only one Earth!

Good primers - Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and Only One Earth : The Care amd Maintenance of a Small Planet by Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos

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