26 Apr 2005

camels camels everywhere...

Bizarre news from the animal world - exploding toads in Germany

Continuing the legacy of infestation by alien animals (apart from the indigenous kangaroo and dingo) Australia now plans to cull feral camels in the outback. Australia has already supplied camels for meat to countries in the Middle East. European rabbits once swarmed across parts of the outback and now noxious cane toads brought from South America are also spreading across the continent, killing native wildlife

a`la Loo - Republican Tom DeLay, the former pest control entrepreneur who is now a top Republican in the US Congress comments on the effect of the web on the judiciary

Reference point - Average fresher salaries for Fall 2004, in the US

Cousin Debojyoti’s call came as a wonderful surprise today. Even though we have kept in touch on mail, we spoke after almost 3 years

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