22 Apr 2005

Small mercies

While the Chinese Communist Party and the bureaucracy embraces and promotes capitalist economics in great swathes of the country, it continues to support the communes of North Korea and exports it’s brand of Communist mayhem to Nepal (the Maoists) and parts of India (the Naxals)!
i presume this is a part of the grand plan to nurture socio-economic (and military) instability in South Korea and India?

The border fracas with Bangladesh continues. The latest victim - an Assistant Commandant of the BSF. He is reported to have been tortured and murdered by the BDR and Bangladeshi civilians after he had crossed over the border, reportedly to attend a flag meeting with his fuels public emotion and politics
- the pawns in the game fight unto death. Interesting reading on this subject from the Asian Human Rights Commission.

Continuing on the subject of providing the dead their dignity – when will we (at least the government organizations) move over to using body bags? Do i understand that the powers-that-be do not appreciate the merits of using body bags? The minimum merit is another governmental purchase scam to keep everyone gainfully engaged for some time to come!!

Hear, hear, Mr. Lala! That’s a lucrative business opportunity begging exploration (a-la the Kargil coffins)!!

Touched base with cousin Debojyoti, an economic analyst in NY. He had just returned to office after a shower and change at home, having spent the entire night at work. He was trying to catch up with the morning deadline for a report. As he says, trying to make the most of a economy in the downslide.

Remember my ramblings on betting during the recent Indo-Pak cricket matches? Here’s fuel to fire !

Finished reading Henrik Ibsen’s drama “A Doll’s House”, recommended by a friend (she really pushed it through!). The mind is a wonderful world !
She has also suggested that i read Look Back in Anger (John Osborne) and Paradise Lost (Milton). am fast becoming a time traveler, it's time again to flip through The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (DNA) …also on good old BBC Radio !

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