20 Apr 2005

Cannabinol legalised in Canada ?!

  • uh! oh! not really!!
  • UK biotech firm's prescription cannabis-based drug approved for use in Canada - Shares in GW Pharmaceuticals closed up 11.5 pence at 132.5p on the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The brand Sativex, is used to treat the central nervous system and alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. A spokesman said that GW would take the "first steps" to seek approval for a cannabis-derived drug in the US.
  • HIV is 'out of control' in India - The executive director of the Global Fund to Fight Aids has warned that India has now overtaken South Africa as the country with the highest number of people living with the human immuno-deficiency virus, HIV.
    He has also criticised the high prices of anti-HIV drugs in India. "It is easier to get Indian generic drugs in Africa than it is to get them in India. That is a scandal and has to be changed."
  • A new Pope - Benedict XVI - is elected
  • An iceberg the size of Luxembourg has smashed into another vast slab of ice that juts out from Antarctica. The 115km-long B-15A iceberg broke off a 5km long section of the Drygalski ice tongue, when they collided in the Ross Sea
  • Nepal’s rhinos follow Sariska’s tigers - According to a new census, the population of the endangered great Asian one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal’s biggest wildlife reserve has fallen to 372 from 544 five years ago, mainly because of poaching.
  • China’s Great Wall is visible from space, after all !
    Earlier, China (and Chinese textbooks) had planned to end the Great Wall space myth

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