28 Apr 2005

hitch a hike...

  • We have probably become too successful - unprecedented human pressure on the Earth's ecosystems threatens our future as a species. Same story, new location - thanks to our exploding population, we are continuously pushing other species over the brink
  • Species are being wiped out so fast that scientists say humanity may be triggering the 6th mass extinction in history. How does it matter and what should we do? Should we protect all species or just the ones that are useful? Can we demand that the world's poor stop exploiting the ecosystems they survive on?
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has now been made into a film
  • The coverage of high-profile litigations in the mass media, convinces me that we have managed to retrogress from maintaining the rule-of-law and ethically delivering justice, to a mind-game on technicalities and professional oneupmanship (Laloo, Pappu, Sahabuddin, Dawood, Manikchand, O J Simpson, Michael Jackson, et ‘endless’ al). The law-abiding citizen is clobbered into slouching survival…
  • btw, try this… Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Icecream - locally produced in Sonoma and available at finer Bay Area groceries and restaurants, in the US!!!

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