5 Aug 2006

Charmed Quirk

i have this white T-shirt in which i laze around at home. Worn and soft with the years, it sports a multicolour “Charmed” across the chest. Complete with 3 squirts of pastel paint - one each of green, blue and red.

Those were the days when i would slouch around town in a pair of blue jeans and the T-shirt. Never so much of a Casanova, i could only hazarded wild guesses reading the minds of female (and male) readers !

To all friends and acquaintances who cared to ask (and dared to display their ignorance) what it stood for, i just pointed to the back.
Quirky matter that ! i had “Quark” painted on the back.


Soni said...

i was just looking at the cover and noticed this .. I thought that i may be having a fake happydent .. but turns out that this is the original .. :) and what do they mean ..? :)

pH said...

As i have blogged here now and earlier, it may be all about trans-literation, instead of translation!