10 Jun 2005

black is pink...

Continuing on shark fin soup and conservation - Disneyland at Hong Kong has retirement planning

Dr Jayant Patel continues the glorious confidence-building exercise highlighting the competence of our educational system. < ready for the howls >
Securing the future - innovative retirement planning

The Surreal Son - in the land of black is white, nuts have fans.
Legal Eagles, here’s a business opportunity - petition the Supreme Court to make oxygen tents and prosthetics support standard features in US prisons.
i wonder how many millions of the taxpayers’ dollars are supporting this sad circus. Bushchacha could have spared me a few. i could retire, read roadsigns, watch birds and the nightsky. i would have even written some nice blogs!
Appearing rosy-lipped and in the pink of health in all photographs, poor Snow White reportedly doesn’t earn enough to support his lifestyle. It must terrifying to be parasite-infested and friendless in Neverland. Doesn’t that name shout for a shrink ?

Newest weapon in the war against malaria - fungal infection for mosquitoes !

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