26 May 2005

Replicating the Super Ape

The US House of Representatives has voted to approve government funding for embryonic stem cell research, setting up a stand-off with President Bush who has announced that he would veto the Bill. Interesting to note that the US Government funds research for stem cell lines created from umbilical chord blood and there is no ban on private funding for embryonic stem cell research which is currently underway in a number of US States.

We, the Super Ape at the top of the pile
, pushing another one to bite the dust. Cayman Island scientists are calling for assistance to pull a unique species of blue iguana back from the brink.

Continuing A Walk in the Woods, research indicates that exploding population of the white-tailed deer is eating the Wild American ginseng to extinction in the Appalachian mountains. And no prizes for guessing why the white-tailed deer is thriving !

Money, money, money - US publishers accuse Google of breaching copyright rules through a plan to put university libraries online.

Sunil Dutt (from Mother India -
to sitting MP) passes away. So does, film producer Ismail Merchant, of the famous Ivory-Merchant duo, at 68.

Here comes Hydra - new super-computer to take on British GM Michael Adams in a six-match contest.

Should bosses blog ?

btw, nothing personal - some Mother’s Day photographs.


YardBoy said...

Gotta get me some of that ginseng. Well, maybe I should get a partner first. Wait a minute, I don't wanna be procreating. It's tough being me ;^)

Whitetail are plentiful in NY. The DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) manages the herds. Hunters must pass a safety course to get licensed. Season dates are limited. Individual kills are limited. The results: so many deer involved in vehicle accidents. Deer get into residential areas, see themselves mirrored in a window, and crash thru in a pique of territorialism. If a deer gets in your house: it freaks, its footing is unstable on floors, and it trashes the joint.

pH said...

Check out http://www.asiachi.com/aboutginseng.html.
Ginseng should also be available in quantity in N Korea!

Get mountain lions for the white-tails! A Walk In The Woods would get you ginseng, guns, white-tails and more...