4 May 2005

life is beautiful

Nutritional supplement - Customer finds finger in frozen custard, he initially thought it was candy! Update on the other finger-in-food incident, at Wendy’s

Sexual predators - one strike or more ?

The Waco chapter of my current reading, “Cold Zero”, has references to Clint Van Zandt - FBI profiler and negotiator, who was involved in the failed negotiations with the Branch Davidians and their leader David Koresh. A commentary on Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing by Van Zandt

Have you seen a vulture recently? The white-backed Indian vulture - nature’s carrion disposal machine - is undergoing large-scale die-off. The reason is not yet confirmed, but theories for the decline range wildly - from the emergence of a new disease, to increased accumulation of pesticides in the vultures' tissues, to the drastic reduction in availability of food. In another part of the globe, aggressive seagulls are menacing urban Britain.

Escalating the evolutionary arms race - some birds are now able to recognize eggs and nestlings of the parasitic cuckoo.

Virgin Mother - A female white-spotted bamboo shark has given birth to two babies,
leading to a rethinking of shark reproduction. The female has not been near a male in six years! About time, as we are probably eating sharks out of existence.

Weekend watch - Pulp Fiction and The English Patient


charu said...

hey, you managed to watch The English Patient? I have been plodding thru the book for over two months now - keep telling myself it is an Oscar movie and so I ought to finish the book :)

YardBoy said...

You know what to feed the seagulls :-)

pH said...

charu - The English Patient was nominated for around 12 and actually won 9 Oscars in 1996!
Thanks also for the Hole-in-the wall referral, have read that site earlier.

YB - strike it rich with some technology transfer to Limeyland!