3 May 2005


The strange case of the runaway bride - Jennifer Wilbanks faked an abduction to run away from her lavish wedding. Her “911call had launched a massive manhunt in Georgia, USA. Prosecutors are now contemplating charging Wilbanks for violating the law, by reporting a crime that didn’t exist !

Threat to Afghan stability - the annual report from the International Narcotics Control Board warns of the risk to the country's stability, because of a near-record opium poppy harvest last year.

Continuing the saga of doctored accounts, discoveries of fraudulent accounting practices at AIG will knock $2.7bn off the value of the world's biggest insurer.

Opening the floodgates of litigations? New York Attorney General sues internet marketer on “spyware”.

Accidental release of genetically-modified crops sparks new worries. i shudder at the thought… who confirms that a lot of our cultivation is not Genetically Modified (GM)? We are a nation where millions can’t have two square meals a day or have access to potable water or electricity. Where millions from public coffers are subverted, from cattle-fodder subsidies, flood relief and purchase of artillery pieces and ammunition, to bloat personal fortunes. We elect convicts, under-trials, screen goddesses, goons and godmen as our messiahs in public offices… who dares to confirm that unscrupulous billion dollar conglomerates are surreptitiously not conducting field-trials of their GM crops across the length and breadth of the country? And in the process contaminating the indigenous genetic stock for eternity? i don’t suffer from a siege-mentality, not yet, but i also have no reasons to drift into sweet dreams… in the assurance that the rice and the roti i ate for dinner was not laced by GM produce !

The dichotomy named India - “teach yourself” computing for rural kids is an outcome of Dr. Sugata Mitra’s the "Hole-In-The-Wall" experiments on “minimally invasive education”.

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charu said...

The hole in the wall is a wonderful experiment - I had blogged about it a while ago - do read this sometime...http://indsight.org/blog/index.php?p=236