19 May 2005

Dog, hardly walking

A couple of days ago. Am driving home from work and there’s this gawky little girl walking out her dog.

It is
one of those lanky lean canines, looking like a hound but really is a mongrel-in-disguise, albeit, visibly well-groomed. The dog is on a long leash and the little girl is pulling it to the right of the gate.
But the dog, one of The Maker’s own creations, has a mind of its own. Which has just caught a whiff on the left of the gate which mesmerizes its brain cells, demanding urgent inspection.

By this time i’m turning off the road, to drive through the gate, i honk. A couple of security guards posted at the gate remain gawking spectators to the unfolding drama. 

The little girl pulls the dog to the right, clear off the gate. My sixth sense is working overtime as i crawl towards the gate on the lowest gear. A lanky girl walking a perky dog on a long leash across a gate, spells trouble… the dog looks capable of throwing off the girl with a swift pull on the restrainer.

Curiosity killed the cat, or so the story went. The dog has its long ears up, nose on the ground and inquisition energizes its leap to the left…

In reflex action i brake, the car stops, with an astonished little girl nicely aligned with the car-maker’s emblem in the middle of the front grille… thankfully a few inches clear of the fender.
Meanwhile, the perky young dog is busy putting the carpet of grass to close scrutiny. That’s what it intended to do anyway, right from the beginning of this little drama…
< End of an act of Providence>

Research indicates that women are far more vulnerable to alcohol-induced brain damage than men. The research also indicates that women may be more vulnerable to chronic alcohol consumption.

Tango Golf - my classmate from school, mailed me an interesting reading on Calcutta lifestyle, more accurately, on the Bangali adda, which appeared in the New York Times
(Have to register to read).

postscript - The TOI reports that the Government plans to accredit bloggers !


YardBoy said...

Glad you escaped a difficult situation. Imagine if you had hit a cow.

BTW, I wonder if the girl's parents know she can't handle the mutt. Maybe they do and it's another case of female-cide.

pH said...

me getting wiser, by the day...