20 May 2005

Diamonds and Paradigms

Interesting reading in the Obsidian Wings on the mayhem across the world on the Koran desecration issue

The journey to Jurassic Park has begun !

Rediscovered my old and yellowed notebook, and writing of what now seem eons ago. This one’s dated 16 Feb 1985 -

the darkness creeps in silence
until there’s but blackness, all around
black forms, silence and the haze
come together to deceive
throttling out distant lights.

the stars high above
sapphires or fires?
looking down with bleak eyes
throwing just another cold shoulder
and no shadows.

there silhouetted against the moon
are the velvety smooth
creatures of the night
floating on silent wings.

the owl stares down
looking around for the defenceless
shrill screeches and soft flutter of wings
cruel beaks and talons
tear apart warm hearts
even as they throb.

flecks of blood fly
villyfying the sanctity, for eternity
as predators’ rule
the night of the hunter’s moon.

A paradigm shift, as Dada says - the light at the end of the tunnel, is often the headlight of the oncoming train…

To borrow a thought, diamonds and rust.