28 Jul 2006

Jaws of the Boss

Co-habitation - With the barracuda
i have reasons to believe that, the thin line the canary trudges, is strung above the gaping jaws of the lethal predator - perilous proximity that !

To throw in a bit of the monkey business - will the barracuda and the bonobo make the same headlines as the monkey and the crocodile ?

We are not alone - Here’s an incident our cops might find familiar - a Chinese Three Gorges Dam activist “beats himself up” so severely that he’s not expected to walk again !

Appraisal - It's once again mid-year appraisals time. Don't get worked-up if you have 9 appraisals to complete and only one day to go for the deadline.
Seek automation support from Dilbert ! Here's just the thing. The automated performance appraisal generator !

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