23 Dec 2005

Tango and Cash

Reactions from afar, to a problem real in our own metropolises

University education is big business in swadesh and beyond.
Britain tries to wake up to the realities of fake degrees and certificates - the sort that drives the Classified clutter in our leading dailies

The world wide web of illicit business - the despicable world of child pornography on the Net

Stardust available from 15th January - the magazine remains available on stands !

Satellite launch milestones - INSAT 4A and Meteosat 9
Two to tango

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Matto said...

Hi, I saw your comment on Amardeep Singh's blog and was wondering if you were connected in any way to the call center industry...I am a student and part of my research is on Pune's urban landscape, so am looking for inputs from industry experts...thanks.