16 Jul 2005

Tightrope Walker

"We are acting as if we are under some kind of a contractual obligation to support jihad (holy war), no matter where in the world it is being waged" - rhetoric from the Tightrope Walker. The chameleon-act confirms that Pakistan will not abandon the Kashmiri militants until it is absolutely clear about the exact terms on which peace can be secured

A man in the US (where else ?!) shot his postman and surrendered to the Police, so that he would be convicted for life and escape his $90,000 medical debt. Human ingenuinity always impresses

International scientists say they have sequenced the genomes of three parasites responsible for diseases, including sleeping sickness, that kill more than 150,000 people a year

Russian plans to build the world’s longest oil pipeline to supply fuel to energy-hungry China and Japan spells doom for wildlife and environment
Scientists have discovered how migrating locusts avoid the danger of flying over seas. The research could lead to novel deterrents against marauding locust swarms

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