12 Jul 2005


  • One of the world’s most impoverished countries continues to act with impunity and utter disdain of world opinion. Highlighting that good governance and better resource-management (and not writing-off debts) is the essential path of emancipation for Africa’s miserable millions (we almost qualify !) Lest we forget, Africa is extremely rich in natural resources, which is continually plundered to finance long-running civil wars and pad the personal coffers of sundry tyrants. Economics of the war industry...
  • Singing dingo wins trivia award - An Australian wild dog who sings, dances and plays the piano has been voted the country's top trivia item, in a competition organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Trivial Pursuit board game
    … Dinky had to beat serious contenders.One candidate was a man who
    can stationary jump on his unicycle 232 times per minute.Another boasted an
    ability to clip nine out of 10 toenail cuttings into a paper basket from more
    than a metre away
  • Pandit Ravi Shankar ensures show goes on
  • Author Chris Cleave’s debut novel Incendiary - about a "massive terrorist attack on London" was published on Thursday, the same day the city was bombed. Incidentally, the publication date for his novel was set up six months ago
  • Prize divides Ayodhya protectors. Blame the booty!

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