28 Jun 2005

Oxy Rich !

Breakthrough in fusion reaction research – The EU is expected to build the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter; also a Latin word meaning "the way") at Cadarache in southern France. The EU would be expected to cover 50% of the construction and operational costs of the reactor, with the other five partners - Japan, China, South Korea, the US and Russia - contributing 10% each. It will be the largest fusion demonstration on Earth and will see the first sustained reactions required to generate useable power

Technologists are hard at work across the world to build robots, some of the newest creations were displayed at the Prototype Robot Exposition. But how about a robot that can act bhai ? We beat the world hands down, we have Sanjay Dutt ! Walking, talking, cavorting and generally doing “dadagiri”. He’s made of “Elegant”-brand steel. i'm not joking, watch the TV commercial, he confesses ! Move over, C3PO, Sanjay is here ! He also asks what i’m made of… i’m skin n bones, O Mighty One, a mere mortal.

And what about drinking oxygen ? More oxygen = More energy = More endurance = Long-distance running champs… Watch our rickety runners pummel the challenge from the rest of the world.

We don’t need a regimen of hormones (they’ve made it illegal, anyway), we have our daily 5 litres of Mankinchand Oxyrich - with no less than 300% extra oxygen! Note “The oxygen O2 (diatomic) in Oxyrich has been developed by a natural process that doesn't use chemicals or their salts, meaning the oxygen is not bound up as Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2)...”. Energy shots to the brain… i’m reeling…
Cousin collapses from an asthma attack… give her Oxyrich (no desperate runs for oxygen cylinders at odd hours… keep a few bottles of Oxyrich handy at home !). Use a bottle of Oxyrich for the oxy-acetylene cutter. Ah, all those oxygen bars in Japan serving flavoured-oxygen… make them all drink mango and lichi squashes, prepared with Oxyrich, of course! An Oxyrich shower, for that hit straight to the grey cells. The options are endless… The creative agency take note.

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