4 Jun 2005

lookin' around...

Saudis are outraged over a proposal to allow women to drive. That would expose women to eye-contacts with strangers - male policemen and car mechanics!
Incidentally, under the Sharia (the code of Islamic laws… and their convenient interpretations) women rape victims can be put to death - for having slept with strangers. Mass rape carried out as ethnic cleansing in Sudan’s stricken Darfur region has largely gone unreported. Victims are afraid to testify and face the wrath of Sudan’s strict Shariat laws.

Albanian novelist Ismail Kadare has won the inaugural Man Booker International Prize, beating British authors Muriel Spark, Doris Lessing and Ian McEwan. Excerpts.

My heart bleeds for all the industrious souls of the clandestine gun-making Small Scale Industry in the badlands of North and East India (and elsewhere). i refer to the kind-hearted hardware-suppliers, keeping our bhais, sundry terrorists, brigands and the foot-soldiers of political extremities profitably in the business. In Bushland they could have just put up a NRA certificate and thrive !

i always loved the curves !

Arun called from Toronto today, spoke to him after almost a year. We went to school together in Cal. He's migrated and is doing well, as an IT security specialist.

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YardBoy said...

You're really sticking it to the Bush now that Charlton Heston is gone ;^)