12 May 2005

Mayaji kahein... (with apologies to all who find this Greek)

“aah”, says Mayaji, “abhee ye CBI mere pichhey kyon ?”
“kyonki main snaas ya bahu nahin, sidool kast hun ?”
“yeh sarasar Ambedkarji ka abmanna hai”
“hum saamuhik aandolan karwayengey, Mahatmaji key tarah jail bharwayengey”
“lassi piyengey…”
“Ram Sing”, she bellows, “aabey lassi mangwao… garmi charh raha hai”

Just in case you had thought otherwise, Ram Singh is your crack NSG commando, part of Mayaji’s Z-plus category security detail.
Ah yes, of course, your tax pays for his salary... and her bunglow, armoured a/c car, air fares and the mahiney ka chhotaasa sale phoon bill…

Meantime, Mayaji on her sale phoon with her persunal sekretry Ram Piyarey, moving the crores from her bank to relative’s and benaami accounts, “behnoi ke khaatey mein bees karore dalwa deyna…”
“sab khaali karwaao, kahin chaapa waapa maarley”

“apnaa khaata meybhi das ek karore raakh leyna, aarey case lipatney mey tow kharchaa pani howegaa”
“deykhlo ee case ka deerekter kaun hain, baat kaarlo, haathwa mey thamaa dow”
“Kumarji ko bhi bulwa lo, abmaanna ka case banwana hai”
“kaal subah tiwiwaaley or akhbaarwaaley ko bulwaao, hum eshtatemin dengey”
“abhi Mohanji ka number lagwaao lok sabha mey suppot ke baat kartey hnai”

You may wish to swear at the scenario, but then we are the world’s happening democracy and Mayaji is the poor elected representative of the mango-people!

Allow the CBI to fret over her, to file a chargesheet which will get thrown out of the courthouse window by the judge in the very first hearing… jai hanuman, long live democracy and the toiling taxpayer…

Further observations on the vagaries of law and the awe inspiring mysteries of the legal system -

Old beyond her years… posted by Medium Lobster
Florida has no parental notification laws. But it does have a Department of Children and Families, and thank God for that : it has successfully sued to prevent a pregnant 13-year-old ward of the state from having an abortion on the grounds that she's too immature to make the decision. Too immature to choose to have a child, but plenty old enough to risk physically bringing it to term, and to raise it in the squalor of state custody. Ah, the glorious mysteries of the culture of life!

Interesting reading from Obsidian Wings -

There They Go Again... posted by hilzoy, 11 May 2005 :
Via Crooked Timber, I see that those wacky guys at Powerline are at it again:
"It's great to see someone standing up for colonialism, especially British colonialism. I agree wholeheartedly with this observation, for example:
Had Britain had the courage to face down Gandhi and his rabble a few years longer, the tragedy that was the partition of India might have been avoided." (quoting
Roger Kimball)
Offhand, I can't imagine why Kimball or Hinderaker thinks that partition could have been avoided had the British stayed a few years longer. The divisions between Hindus and Muslims were deep, and with Jinnah, the head of the All-India Muslim league, supporting partition, it seems unlikely that given a few more years of unwelcome British rule, everyone would have settled down and decided to get along. Nor is it clear why they think that Gandhi was the person who should have been faced down: he consistently opposed partition, and was assassinated because he was seen by Hindu nationalists as having given away too much in his efforts to keep India's Muslims from seeking a separate state.
But it's not the misreading of Indian history that's really breathtaking; it's the phrase "Gandhi and his rabble." Gandhi was not perfect, but for John Hinderaker to look down on him with contempt suggests a level of moral self-delusion that is, in its way, awe-inspiring

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