15 Apr 2005

shubho nawbo bawrsho!

  • April 15 is Bengali New Year Day - nawbo bawrsho, in Bangla. Here's wishing you peace and prosperity in the year ahead. Just in case you thought of wishing New Year in some other languages
  • Reminded of globalization, somehow - a Bangali in Maharashtra, drinking Indian beer and Mexican tequila, listening to a Sardar singing sufi rock at a disc named Elysium!
  • A collection of thousands of photographs showing the cultural (and economical) diversity of India
  • A readout on the Guinea Worm disease, which i first saw in a National Geographic film on Africa - worms eating their way out of patients, emerging through swellings in the legs
  • Vicious predators often come king-sized. But even the carnivore terror lizard - T Rex - could succumb to invisible parasites. Squirmy reading, “Parasite Rex” by Carl Zimmer


YardBoy said...

Did you outsource the worm? Or eat it?

pH said...

point to ponder!