1 Apr 2005

Politiking with life

Politics and opinion-making - our land of diversities is not left behind! Punekar MP Suresh Kalmadi has a slick and professionally maintained website. Even desi MPs have begun to dig the power of blogs! Plenty of posts by the interested hoi polloi.

Terri Schiavo (41) passed away
today, ending 15 years of mute suffering. Her struggle pitted husband Michael Schiavo in a bitter legal and ethical battle against his in-laws and sections of the society, legislature and judiciary.

Her suffering brought out the zealots on both sides of the “choice” divide, spun a lot of greenbacks with primetime and primeprint (am i adding to the lexicon?) exposure. But then we are all mere mortals… and death is the inevitable truth. But the human race steadfastly reproduces and

Update from a friend - it is raining almost every evening in Kolkata this year - “becoming more n more like England”. Is this the Return of the Raj - an entrepreneurial opportunity to start tour operations to the “new England”?! i can almost count the handsome commissions for sourcing eager flocks from parched Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

btw, are you a MP3 music fan, downloading industriously from the Net? Make more hay while the sun shines - good times don’t last

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