13 Apr 2005

depressed dancing stars...

  • Bombay dance bars also face closure - Bargirls will appeal to the National Human Rights Commission
  • Sourav gets deeper in the dumps as he is penalized for India’s slow bowling rate at Ahmedabad and banned from the next 6 One-Day Internationals. In contrast, Gen. Musharraf awards skipper Inzamam 1 million Rupees for the Pak win at the Ahmedabad ODI
  • Reports suggest that President Bush's choice to be US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, is a bully unsuitable for the job
  • Baby eels are now more expensive than caviar in France and even rarer - disappearing off the menu thanks to huge demand in Asia
  • Notes on our closest (barring our very own Sun) stellar neighbour
  • Mona Lisa has moved to her new home at the Louvre
  • Can depression be the subject of a best-selling book? Readings from Malignant Sadness - The Anatomy of Depression by Lewis Wolpert, a nominee for this year’s Aventis Prize
  • Cousin Debo from NY plans trip to Hindustan during the height of monsoon in July…

ps - An interesting one on pre-marital sex

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