24 Mar 2005

Nature and Messier Objects

Interesting report in Nature - Surprise Finding Shows That Plants Rewrite Genetic Code. Opens up the floodgates of imagination and throws up immense possibilities!

An online version of Nature is available at
news@nature.com. Try the Columns and Blogs. Plenty of interesting reading in the stem cells page.

i was an avid skywatcher. An activity which, unfortunately, i can't indulge in anymore. i still do continue to watch the night sky whenever i travel - away from the city lights and pollution. i used to be fascinated by Messier's List and i had viewed more than 30 of the Objects. The venerable Google
helped me. Some nice plates in the Messier CCD Gallery

Learnt about the Annual Messier Marathon - to spot as many Messier Objects as possible, in one night. Read
reports on the Marathon and checkout Swapneel Kore and Girish Vaze’s observation reports in the 2003 Messier Marathon and the Sky Watchers Association of Pune’s report in 2005.

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