29 Mar 2005

the holi weekend

Travelled to Mumbai Friday evening to spend the Holi weekend with friends.
Though the beginning of the H-day was tentative, inhibitions were dunked by Saurabh taking to painting faces silver-green. i had the good sense to change into Holi gear early-on (read... faded clothes and a liberal application of aloe-vera cream !). No pictorial records here for posterity...

A glycerine-soap bath - post lubrication with tequila and Heineken - left me squeaky clean. The colours have become either too good or too adulterated - not a streak of red at the end of the day !

Returned to Pune Sunday late evening to well-earned sleep. Thanks Ashis / Pooja / Abhijit / Debjani for hosting the good times !

Got acquainted with Prasad Shukla on the way back to Pune. Prasad is a scientist (a polymer encapsulation specialist ...sustained releaser !), knows a thousand kanji and is an Indian classical music fan! Combinations for an interesting friendship here!!

On an entirely different note, continuing observations on the Terri Schiavo case, here’s an some reading from David Shuster. Who's David Shuster anyway ?

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